Sasha Grey

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Welcome to my official profile. Your persistence has finally brought me here to VK!
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Дата рождения: 14 Марта
Пол: Женский
Город: Los Angeles
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О себе: I was one of the most successful stars of the Hollywood porn industry. Since I left the adult films at 21, I have gone on to star in THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE (Steven Soderbergh), ENTOURAGE (HBO) Season 7, SMASH CUT (Lee Demarbre), I MELT WITH YOU (Mark Pellington), WOULD YOU RATHER (David Guy Levy) photographer and author of Neü Sex (VICE/MTV Books), The Juliette Society is my first novel (Little Brown/Sphere May 9th, 2013). She is also a founding member of aTelecine. The future holds the rest. Lotta Continua, _Sasha Grey

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